1. Effect of India Taba's inductive thinking on achievement in Punjabi grammar at secondary school stage. (Download/Read)
--Dr. Franky Gupta & Amandeep Kaur

2. Skype in education (Download/Read)
-- Dr. R.Sivakumar

3. Impact of parental involvement on the social skills of middle school student. (Download/Read)
--Kusam Lata

4. Depression in relation to optimistic and pessimistic attitude among adolescents.(Download/Read)
--Dr. Mamta Bhardwaj & Dr. Kanak Rani

5. Learning strategies of prospective teachers in relation to achievement motivation (Download/Read)
--Mrs. Kuldeep Bhullar

6. Spiritual intelligence of higher secondary student in relation to certain biographical factors (Download/Read)
--Sandhya Chauhan & Dr. Madhu Gupta

7.Attitude towards NCTE: A teacher- educator's perspective (Download/Read)
--Sonal Chabra & Vanita Chopra

8. Customs for constructing a culture of thinking and assessment modalities in classrooms- An experimental study (Download/Read)
-- Dr. Sreevrinda Nair.N

9. Level of aspiration of secondary school students in relation to their intelligence (Download/Read)
--Sarita & Neha

10. A comparative study of male/female and urban/rural students in relation to their academic achievement and self-concept (Download/Read)
--Vijay Bansal & Dr. A.P. Sangal

11. Teaching competency of secondary teacher education students in relation to their multiple intelligence and awareness (Download/Read)
--F.L. Jasmine Anne Shyla & Dr. F.L. Antony Gracious

12. Concept mapping in science class :A case study among students of standard IX (Download/Read)
--Dr.Rekha Kumari

13. Job Satisfaction and professional ethics of secondary school teachers : A comparative study (Download/Read)
-- Dr. Sukanta Kumar Pradhan

14. Awareness towards global warming among senior secondary students of Gorakhpur district (Download/Read)
-- Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

15. Correlation of career maturity and mental health of secondary school students of U.T. Chandigarh (Download/Read)
-- Mrs. Kiranjit Kaur

16. Do gender differences exist in scientific attitude and problem solving ability among adolescents? (Download/Read)
- Dr. Sangeeta Sood & Richa

17. Role of education in realization of human rights. (Download/Read)
 - Dr. Som Prakash

18. Effectiveness of episodic conceptualization on achievement in physics among secondary school students. (Download/Read)
 - Renjith JS &Dr. VP Joshith

19. Time management competency in relation to academic achievement of senior secondary school students. (Download/Read)
 - Dr. (Mrs) Parveen Sharma & Priya

20. Emotional maturity of delinquent and normal children - A Comparative study. (Download/Read)
 - Neetu Shishodia & Rekha Sharma

21. The role of spiritual education in modern society based on the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda (Download/Read)
 - TMJ Padmanabhan

22. Influence of cooperative learning on creative thinking. (Download/Read)
 - Dr. Neetu Chawla & Neelam Srivastava

23. Occupational stress among teachers after implementation of CCE in relation to type of school and board of education. (Download/Read)
 - Neeta Pandhu

24. Effect of advance organiser model and concept attainment model on achievement in Punjabi in relation to styles of learning and intelligence. (Download/Read)
 - Parvinder Kamboj

25. Impact of teacher training programme on attitude of B.Ed. students towards teaching and personality. (Download/Read)
 - Gunwati

26. Cognitive styles in relation to problem solving ability among adolescents (Download/Read)
 - Shaveta Sharma & Dr. Sangeeta Sood

27. Pupil teachers awareness regarding right to education (RTE) act 2009 (Download/Read)
 - Ruchika Gunwal

28. Effect of home environment on academic achievement of secondary school students (Download/Read)
 - Dr. Madhu Gupta & Surekha Rani

29. Frustration level in English and Hindi medium students of B.Ed. (Download/Read)
 - Dr. Navita Arora

30. Career choices of 11th graders in relation to their needs. (Download/Read)
 - Dr. SP Singh & Mukta Yadav

31. Vocation choices of adolescents in relation  to their needs (Download/Read)
 - Dr. RK Yadav & Neelam Garg

32. व्यवसायिक जवाबदेही के परिपेक्ष मे शिक्षको के व्यवसायिक दबाव का अध्ययन (Download/Read)
 - डॉ मधु गुप्ता और विनीता सिंह

33. वर्तमान शिक्षा संबंधी समस्याओं को सुलझाने मे डॉ एनीबेसेंट के शिक्षा दर्शन की प्रासंगिकता (Download/Read)
 - डॉ विनीता गुप्ता

34. शिक्षा के प्रति प्रवासी श्रमिकों मे जागरूकता (Download/Read)
 - डॉ प्रेमलता और डॉ शालिनी सिंह