1. A study of emotional intelligence and its impact on academic achievement of senior secondary class students. (Download/Read)

-Meenu Yadav

2. Attitudinal modernity of post graduate students in relation to their level of achievement and gender (Download/Read)

- Dr. Sukanta Kumar Pradhan

3. Values of senior secondary school teachers (Download/Read)

- Dr. Pawan Kumar

4. History of education in Punjab (Download/Read)

- Dr. Vikas Kumar & Dr. Rekha

5. A study of emotional maturity among senior secondary school students in relation to different dimensions of home environment. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Rashee Singh & Dr. Neetu Dahiya 

6. Relationship between moral judgment and emotional competence of secondary school students. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Haseen Taj & Mr. Prabhu KH

7. Role of teacher's positive attitude on student's performance. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Abha Singh & Ritu Modi

8. Constructivism and its implications to teaching learning process. (Download/Read)

- Ritu Narang

9. Egotism and adjustment in late adolescents. (Download/ Read)

- A. Avudaiammal & Dr. B. William Dharam Raja

10. Relationship between eighth grade student's self perceived multiple intelligences and their academic achievement. (Download/Read)

- Dr. MS talwar & Mrs. Femila Panghat

11. Diagnosing the spelling errors of dyseidetic dyslexia dysphonetic dyslexia of a class III students english medium schools. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Zeenat Muzaffar

12. Do Personality factors and gender influence academic achievements. (Download/Read)

- Dr. (Mrs.) Randeep Pannu

13. Gender disparity in second language achievement: A cross sectional analysis. (Download/Read)

- K Karthigeyan & Dr. K. Nirmala

14. Mental health status of teacher educators. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Minikumari VS & Edvin Sam R

15. A Correlational study of the teaching aptitude and intelligence of pupil teachers. (Download/Read)

-  BM Baryya & Dr. (Mrs.)  PS Makde

16. A study of vocational choices of adolescents in relation to there values and intelligence. (Download/Read)

- Dr. R K Yadav & Manoj Kumari

17. A Co relational study of attitude of class XI students towards mathematics and academic achievement. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Neetu Chawala & Rajneesh Kaur

18. Influence of study habits on the academic achievements of higher secondary biology school students. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Shiva Kumar, Dr. A Amalraj & N Arunachalam

19. Effectiveness of CAI in comparison with the mean score of boys and girls with respect to change in attitude towards English grammar in experimental group. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Prabha S Chiniwar

20. Reflection upon moral judgement in pedagogic discourse. (Download/Read)

- Sajjad Ahmad & Mohd. Tarique

21. A study of swine flu awareness among school teachers. (Download/Read)

- Dr. R Soureche & V Rajakumaranr

22. A comparative study of the academic achievement, self concept and personality characteristics of the children of working and non working women. (Download/Read)

- Yeshpal

23. Study of moral values of class VIII students in relation to family climate and media. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Neetu Chawala & Ms Neetu Shishodia

24. Educated unemployment and frustration. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Sunita Sharma & Mrs. Poonam Devi

25. importance of family therapy in disability rehabilitation. (Download/Read)

- S Karthikayan & KG Dhanesh

26. Juvenile delinquents: Perception and issues. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Renu Malaviya & Ms Sangeeta Singh

27. A study of achievement motivation of primary school girls in relation to their type of schools and home environment. (Download/Read)

- Dr. Shazli Hasan Khan

28. A Study of attitude and practice of B.Ed. trainees towards ICT in teaching. (Download/Read)

- Gurvinder Kaur

29. किशोर अपराधियों के पारिवारिक व भोतिक वातावरण का सामाजिक आर्थिक स्तर के सन्दर्भ मे अध्यन. (Download/Read)
- रेखा शर्मा और डा राकेश राय 

30. किशोर अवस्था के छात्रों का नशे की लत से ग्रसित होने के कारॅनो का अध्यन (Download/Read)
-डा सुप्रीत कौर और पूनम चालिया

31. विज्ञान, कला तथा वाणिज्य वर्ग के छात्रों की संवेगात्मक परिपक्वता का अध्यन. (Download/Read)
- भूपेंदर सिंह चौहान