1. Relationship between internet addiction and self esteem among college students. (Download / Read)

-K. Radhamani & Dr. S Arulsamy

2. Knowledge of safety and first aid among school students: A micro study. (Download / Read)

- Dr. G Rita Goretti Lourdes

3. A study of self confidence of senior secondary school students of working and non working mothers. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Minakshi & Kamalpreet Kaur

4. Comparison of parent child relationship between high and low mental health groups among secondary school students of Kerala. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Mumthas N S & Jouhar Munvvir T

5. A comparative study of emotional intelligence of D Ed. Teachers trainee. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Anita Sharma & Deepika Ahlawat

6. Attitude of teacher educators towards e learning. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Yashpal Singh Deshwal & Rekha Rani

7. Attitude of college students towards internet chatting on social development. (Download / Read)

- Prigimol Augustin & Dr. S Arulsamy

8. Value conflict among school going tribal adolescents in relation to their decision making ability. (Download / Read)

-Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena

9. A study of mid - day meal programme in primary schools of Jatusana block of Rewari dist. Haryana. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Shalini Yadav & Sharila yadav

10. A study of the effect of an intervention programme on the opinion of students about disability. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Sangeeta Yadav

11. Influence of internet use on social competence of adolescents. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Ashok K Kalia & Ms. Anita Deswal

12. A comparative study of teaching attitude of male and female prospective teachers of Rewari district. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Navita Taneja & Naveen K piplani

13. A study of job satisfaction and teaching effectiveness of primary and upper primary  school teachers of bikaner division (Download / Read)

- Dr. J D singh & Dr. Surender Pal

14. A comparative study of self concept of normal and visually impaired Adolescent students of Gujarat. (Download / Read)

- Mrs. Mun Kalita

 15. Socio-Personal adjustment as a correlate of multiple intelligence of students teachers of Kerala. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Ampili Aravind & Resmi T Kartha

16. Value pattern and self concept of arts and science senior secondary students . - A comparative study (Download / Read)

- Dr. RK yadav & Arti Yadav

17. Effectiveness of digital board assisted instructions over traditional method on students achievement in social science of class IX. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Rajni Kaur & Ms. Asha Yadav

18. A study of adjustment of visually challenged adolescents in relations to their gender. (Download / Read)

- Prof. Indira Dhull & Neetu Chaudhry

19. Effectiveness of micro teaching in the development  of teaching skills among B.Ed. Student - An experiment (Download / Read)

- Dr. Tarun Malhotra & Dr. Nidhi Kakkar

20. A comparative study of values academic achievements and self concept of the adolescent children working and non working mothers. (Download / Read)

- Mukta Yadav & Rekha Yadav

21. Affective dimension of a learning style of prospective secondary teacher-A Study of main and integration effect. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Surender Sharma & Dr. Surender Thakur

22. A study of the difference in intensity of relationship between teacher freezing and job satisfaction of secondary school teachers. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Jerry Puspa Massey

23. Right to education . A constitutional mandate in India . (Download / Read)

- Dr. Sam Prakash

24. Youth for nation reconstruction. (Download / Read)

- Girdhari Lal Sharma 

25. स्वामी रामदेव के दर्शन का शिक्षा दर्शन मे योगदान. (Download / Read
- डा राजकुमार यादव और रेखा यादव

26. दबाव तथा भावनात्मक बुधि के सन्दर्भ मे आवासीय और गैर आवासीय विद्यार्थियों की शैक्षिक उपलब्धि का अध्ययन (Download / Read
- प्रो रीता अरोरा और डा बिलोश देवी

27. प्राथमिक विधयालयों मे अध्ययनरत विद्यार्थियों मे जीवन मूल्यों का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन. (Download / Read
- डा किरण सिंह