- Does the status of achievement mediate the frustration of students ? An empirical Sketch (Download / Read)

    Dr. Abu Mojaher Khan 

 - An innovative practice in teacher education- Gram Jivan Padyatra (Download / Read)

    Dr. Nitin Kumar Dhadhodara

 - Education of Muslim women in the slums of Kannur, Kerala (Download / Read)

    Dr. Sahala P.M.

 - Mathematical creativity in relation to socio-economic status of secondary school students (Download / Read)

   Dr. S.L. Suresh

 - Social competence and mobile phone usage among senior secondary school students in relation to their gender and residential background (Download / Read)

   Dr. Y S Deshwal, Ms. Rekha Rani, Dr. Savita Ahlawat & Dr. Anirudh Sharma

 - Awareness of high secondary students on eye donation. (Download / Read)

   M.P. Rana, Priya & Dr. Hemlata Kalaimathi

 - Teaching learning strategies for thinking classroom. (Download / Read)

   Sharmila Yadav & Dr. Gopal Nath

 - Role of teacher's sensitivity leading to quality education in primary school with respect to block wise literacy rate  in Patna district of Bihar. (Download / Read)

   Pratiksha Dixit & Dr. Usha Pathak

 - Impact of computer assisted language on learners achievement in social science though English as medium of instruction at IX standard level. (Download / Read)

   W. Gladys Colcraft & Dr. P. Rajasekar

 - Effectiveness of E-based concept mapping techniques on pupils achievement and attitude for topic 'genetics' in zoology at plus two level. (Download / Read)

   M. Murugesan & Dr. P. Rajasekar

 - A comparative study of joint and nuclear family on neuroticism in rural and urban children. (Download / Read)

   Dr. Dinesh Prsad Sahu

 - Professional Competence of senior secondary school male and female teachers - A comparative study. (Download / Read)

   Dr. Shalini Yadav & Renu Gupta

 - स्थानीय भाषाओं का विधयर्थीयों के सांस्कृतिक विकास मे योगदान - एक अध्ययन  (Download / Read)
   अल्पना शर्मा 

 - योग क्रियाओं मे भाग लेने व न लेने वाले बी एड प्रशिक्षनार्थीयों के नैतिक निर्णय का अध्ययन (Download / Read)
   डॉ रंजीता बैद  

 - डिजिटल शिक्षा : एक विकासशील स्माज के लिए अवसर और चुनोतियाँ (Download / Read)
   डॉ संतोष यादव

 - योग और प्रोध्योगिकी (Download / Read)
   तिलकराज गौड़

 - हिन्दी शिक्षा मे प्रयुक्त शिक्षण सामग्री का अभाव (Download / Read)
    डॉ अशोक परमार  

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