1. Job stressors and personalities. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Archna Dubey & Dr. Meena Budhhisagar Rathod

2. Role of emotional intelligence in academic success and adjustment of higher secondary level students. (Download / Read)

- Dr.Reeta Suri

3. Yoga : A controlling factor for domestic violence. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Savita Arya & Mohinder Kumar

4. Effectiveness of self regulatory strategy in science problem solving among the high school students. (Download / Read)

- N Johnson & Dr. E Ramaganesh

5. Anger management and enhancement of interpersonal relationship in adolescents through positive therapy. (Download / Read)

- C T Thenu & Dr. N S Rohini

6. A Comparative study of modernity behaviour of government and public secondary school students of Amritsar Distt. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Anita Menon & Gurpreet Kaur

7. Effect of positive thinking and rajyoga on perceived loneliness and death anxiety in aged people. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Jyotsna

8. Impact of information, education and communication package on the awareness of students and teachers about disability. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Sangeeta Yadav

9. Effects of parent's behaviour on the adjustment status of students. (Download / Read)

- Dalbeer Singh Gariya

10. Internet knowledge and usage of internet by teacher educators of M.Ed. course : A Study. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Taruna Malhotra & Dr. Nidhi Kakkar

11. Type of schools, socio-economic status and allienation corelates  of health adjustment. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Ashok K Kalia & Dr. Sudhir Sahu

12. A study of teaching competencies aquired in teacher training to school teaching by elementary school teachers in Delhi state (Download/Read)

- Ms. Ritu Narang

13. Awareness of PG students towards Human rights. (Download /Read)

- Dr. S. K. Kaushal & Dr. Umender Malik 

14. Ascertaining Educational Aspiration among the children with physical impairment (Download / Read)

- Dr. Manorama Mathur, Ms. Sonal Chabra & Ms Chetna Bhajwa

15. A study of Religiosity and psychological distress among cancer patients (Download / Read)

- Amjad Ali & Mahvish Fatima

16. Educational adjustment of defense personnel ward. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Savita Sharma

17. Teaching aptitude in relation to general teaching competency, professional interest and academic achievement of B.Ed. pupil teacher. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Mrs. Praveen Sharma 

18. Study involvement among women students (Download / Read)

- Dr. Surender Singh

19. Growing problem of drug use among adolescents ( Download / Read)

- Dr. Subhash Chander

20. A study of academic performances of under graduate students in relation to their emotional intelligence (Download / Read)

- Dr. P.L. Gupta & Suman Sharma

21. Attitude of parents, teachers and students about corporal punishment. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Mahommad Rijwan, Dr. Rajendari Kumari & Mrs. Ritu 

22. A study of aggression among adolescents in relation to self concept and scholastic achievement. (Download / Read)

-Dr. Jitender Kumar & Mr. Mohit Malik

23. Parental encouragement among the urban and rural senior secondary students of Delhi in relation to their academic achievements (Download / Read)

- Tripti Bhargava

24. What went wrong with education? (Download / Read)

- Prof. Rajni Joshi

25. Adjustment and value of adolescent male and female students. (Download / Read)

- Dr. R. K. Yadav & Bhawana Gupta

26. A study of relationship between emotional intelligence and teaching attitude of male and female B. Ed. Students.  (Download / Read)

- Dr. Navita & Dr. Shivalik Yadav

27. A Study of self concept of arts and science students studying in Govt. and public senior secondary schools of Gurgaon district. (Download / Read)

- Nujhat Praveen

28. Education as Human rights : Provisions and implementation (Download / Read)

- Dr. S. S. Rana &Dr. (MRs. ) Indu Rathee

29.  Human rights education today. (Download / Read)

- Dr. S. K. Upadhyay

30. Cognition in thoughts of thinkers. (Download / Read)

- Vijay Singh  

31. Emotional intelligence and values of adolescents studying in govt.  and non govt. schools (Download / Read)

- Dr. Shalini Yadav

32 प्राथमिक विधयालयों के कार्यरत अध्यापको की अध्यापन अभिवरत्ति का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन (Download / Read)
- डा किरण सिंह और डा एस एन सिंह 

33. नयी तालीम और आधुनिक शिक्षा पध्ति की समीक्षा. (Download / Read)
डा अशोक परमार

 34. झुनझुनु जिले की व्यवसाय करनी वाली व घर मे काम करने वाली महिलाओं का आत्म- संबोध व जीवन संतुष्टि का अध्ययन (Download / Read)
- डा जे डी सिंह और डा मनोज झांझरिया

35. प्राथमिक स्तर पर अध्ययनरत सरकारी एव गैर सरकारी स्कूल के शिक्षक शिक्षिकाओं के आत्म विश्वास का अध्ययन. (Download / Read)
- डा कल्पना अग्निहोत्री और अटल बिहारी