1. Effect of yoga on maximum breath holding time of mentally retarded group. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. A Ravi

2. Aggression among school going adolescents in relation to their gender and optimistic pessimistic attitude. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. Anup Kumar

3. Perception of post basic school teachers duties. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. Ashok Parmar

4. Meta cognitive strategy usage and epistemological believes of primary school teacher trainee : An explorative study (Download / Read)

 - Dr. Praash Chandra Jena & Latif  Ahmad

5. A study of teaching aptitude of private junior high school teachers as related to their gender differences and locality variance. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. B.C. Shah and Dr. Geeta Shah

6. A study of integral education of Shri Arbindo. (Download / Read)

 - Babita Sharma

7. Teaching competency of secondary teacher education students in relation to their multiple intelligence and ICT awareness. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. F.L. Antony Gracious

8. A study of environmental awareness, intelligence and self concept of scheduled and non scheduled caste students. (Download / Read)

- Dr. Manju Yadav

9. A study of motivational techniques used by head of secondary schools on teachers. (Download /Read)

 - Dr. Navita Arora

10. Gender variation on learning style of secondary school students. (Download /Read)

- Shikha Tyagi & Dr. Mrs. Praveen Sharma

11. Wellbeing among college teachers  (Download / Read

 - Dr. Raj Kumar Dhiman

12. A-Z Approach to enhance pedagogical content knowledge of prospective teachers. (Download / Read)

 - Renjith J S

13. Classroom management and teachers: The effect of reward and punishments on behavior and learning. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. S. K. Kaushal

14. Altruistic behavior and stream of senior secondary students. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. JS Bhardwaj & Sumit Kumar Sharma

15. Exam anxiety among higher secondary students of Kanyakumari district : A fact finding study. (Download / Read)

 - T. Arunraj & T. Blessy

16. Role commitment of secondary school teachers in relation to some demographic variables. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. S S Rana

17. Information seeking behavior of post graduate students. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. Indu Rathee

18. A comparative study of attitude towards English as a medium of instruction at senior secondary level. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. Yashpal Deswal & Mr. Amit Singh

19. Interest in science and school environment as correlated to achievement in science of 10 th class students. (Download / Read)

 - Dr. (Mrs.) Urmil Sethi & Ms. Varinder Kaur